Thursday, July 5, 2012

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) calculation from well logs

This app allows you to estimate TOC content for source rock, using EXXON method, published by Passy et. al. (1990).  TOC is critical parameter for quantifying unconventional reseources, CBM or Shale gas. The adsorbed gas content is a correlation with TOC, derived from lab measured data.

The estimated TOC is best to calibrate with lab measurement by adjusting the Level of organic maturity,LOM.  Vitrinite Reflectance (Ro) from lab may be available to derive LOM with graph below.


  1. Total organic carbon (TOC) indirectly measures the total amount of organic substances present in water for pharmaceutical use. The molecules of organic matter in water are oxidised to produce carbon dioxide which is then measured in an instrument and from the result, the concentration of carbon in the water is calculated. The determination of carbon in water may be made either on-line (in the line of supply of the water) or offline

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  2. It is adsorbed & not absorbed